Waste Management Tips For Summer Picnic Season

Whether you operate a park or campground, you may find that your trash removal needs are greater during summer picnic season. More visitors sharing meals can mean more trash. Having a proper waste management plan can help keep your facility neat, clean, and ready for more guests. Here are a few options you can use to improve your waste management plan.

Recycling Stations

Picnickers may bring glass bottles, aluminum foil, soda cans, and other items that should be recycled. By creating recycling stations throughout your outdoor facility, you can provide a way for guests to do something positive for the environment while also reducing the amount of waste that needs to be collected from trash cans. Talk to your waste removal company about renting large recycling stations that have separate compartments for paper, plastic, and metals. Place these stations near any picnic pavilions you have as well as near any barbecue pits or designated cookout areas.

Frequent Waste Bin Collection

The trash bins you have around your park or campground can fill up fast during the summer, particularly on weekends when lots of families and large groups might be enjoying picnics. Work with your grounds crew to create a regular collection schedule for each day, and have the crew bring the bags of trash from each bin to your central dumpster location. If you have a large outdoor facility, you may also want to equip your crew with electric carts or vehicles they can use to get to each area of the property quickly.

Choose Secure Containers

From your trash cans to your dumpster, you want all of your trash receptacles to remain secure. Tightly fitted lids can help keep animals and other pests out of the trash, and locking lids on the dumpsters can prevent unauthorized persons from dumping their personal trash into your containers. For the trash bins around the campground or park, consider choosing models that can be cemented into the ground. This will prevent them from becoming tipped over by bad weather or vandals, which also prevents your grounds crew from having to manually pick up and dispose of trash and litter.

Work with your trash removal company to come up with a collection schedule that meets your needs. You may decide you need more frequent pickup services during the summer season to prevent food waste from piling up and to prevent your dumpsters from becoming too full. It may also be a good idea to rent a second dumpster to handle the trash from your busy picnic area.

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