Living In A Rural Area? Four Dumpster Rental Tips You Need Now

Moving to a rural home is a good way to get away from the crowded urban areas and enjoy a quieter, less stressful lifestyle. But living in a home outside the city limits can also have some drawbacks, especially if the home is located in an area where there are no city services to provide regular garbage collection services.

Luckily, many rural areas are now served by dumpster rental services that provide rural homeowners with one of a variety of dumpster sizes and types, which is then emptied on a regular schedule. If you are considering a dumpster rental service for your rural home, the following tips can help you select the right container for your needs and use it as efficiently as possible. 

Decide where the dumpster should be located 

The first thing to consider when choosing a dumpster rental is to select a good location for the dumpster to be placed. The area you choose should be safe and convenient for the dumpster rental service to access the dumpster to empty and replace it, while still being convenient for the home's occupants to use. In many cases, an area alongside the home's driveway or at the edge of the property near the roadway is a good choice, as long as the ground is relatively level and firmly packed or covered with gravel or cement to prevent rutting. 

Choose an appropriate size and type for your needs

The next decision is to decide what size and type of dumpster rental you will need to have. If the home is under construction or in the process of being remodeled, a large construction roll off dumpster may be required. If the dumpster will be used only for regular home garbage collection, however, a much smaller dumpster or even a rolling garbage cart will be the best choice.

Consider sharing dumpster rental services

Rural homes that are clustered together in groups of two or more homes may want to consider renting a dumpster as a group, instead of doing so individually. This can work well for homes that share a private driveway or county road. When considering sharing a dumpster with another homeowner, make sure that both parties agree on how the payment will be structured and the rules for using the service. 

Become informed about correct dumpster usage

Using a dumpster for rural trash service is similar to city-provided services in that there will be rules for usage that must be followed. These rules will include what types of materials can and cannot be placed inside the dumpster and whether garbage bags must be used.

For more information about the rental and usage of a dumpster rental in your area, contact a local dumpster rental company, like Contractors Disposal Inc , and ask to speak with their customer care representative. 

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