Three Questions To Ask When Renting A Roll-Off Construction Container At A Residential Property

Roll-off construction containers make the hefty task of housing waste safely easy when you are in the middle of a project. However, if you will be placing the container in a residential neighborhood as you work on a new-home construction, remodeling project, or otherwise, there will be special considerations to think about beforehand. You do not want the container causing problems or posing dangers in an area where other people call home. Here are three questions to ask when renting and placing a roll-off construction container in a residential neighborhood. 

Will the construction container be in the way of pedestrian traffic?

Pedestrian traffic on sidewalks or curbside in residential neighborhoods is pretty common. If you have ordered a roll-off construction container in a residential neighborhood, you will have to keep this in mind. You do not want the container placed in a way that pedestrians would have to step out into the line of traffic to get around the container. This is one reason why dumpsters and other containers can require a zoning permit in these areas. However, even if there are no restrictions in place, it is important to be courteous to those who frequently travel on foot in the area. 

Should the construction container be in a protected area?

Construction containers can have all kinds of material inside, whether it is just trash from the job site or leftover materials. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for these containers to be attractive to people looking to get their hands on something for free, and you definitely don't want someone digging around in these containers where they could get hurt. Because of that, in some areas, it is best if the container is situated in an area that is not so visible from the road, such as behind the structure in progress, and it is best for the container to be locked up at night.

Will the construction container be large enough?

This is a question you should always be asking for every project but will be especially important in a residential area. You don't want the debris and materials hanging over the top and sides of the container because it is too small. This can be a liability if someone gets hurt. Plus, having the overhanging waste can make it impossible for you to close up the container properly at the end of the day so it can be locked. 

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