Restaurants - How To Manage Food Waste Efficiently

If you run a restaurant, then it is important to create a pleasant environment. Restaurants can lose money because of odor problems and overflowing trash cans. The average restaurant creates 100,000 pounds of garbage each year. For these reasons, you have to manage your waste because it affects your ability to attract customers. Read on to find out how to manage food waste efficiently.

Hire A Waste Removal Company

A commercial trash removal company, like Grouchs, LLC, collects your garbage, sewage, and other waste products. This service also transports and disposes of the garbage. However, there are different types of waste management companies. Some companies offer waste treatment and recycle items that do not belong in the trash.

Restaurant garbage may include food preparation materials, transport materials, and actual food. Getting rid of all this waste can be expensive for restaurants. It helps to pick a company that understands your specific needs.

Perform A Waste Audit

If you want to decrease waste, then you need to determine how much your business is wasting. You also have to determine the type of waste your business creates. This information can be ascertained through a waste audit. A waste audit helps you to identify where your waste comes from.

You will have to develop a food log system for your restaurant. This system helps your staff with keeping track of what is being thrown out, why the food is thrown out, and how much of it was used.

Create A Waste Management Team

Running a restaurant means long hours and taking on different jobs. You may need to create a waste management team. This position can be done by one person or by a group. It is preferable that this position be held by someone in food preparation. Food prep workers are familiar with the amount of ingredients that are used in certain dishes. People who wash dishes are also familiar with the amount of food that goes in the trash.

You can choose and organize your waste management group. However, this group should be familiar with methods of recycling, storage, and monitoring.

Some restaurant owners may not see the importance of waste management. However, this process affects every aspect of your business. Your business is regularly inspected, which means your restaurant is held to a certain standard. You are going to get points taken off for improper disposal of garbage. The management of your waste also affects your ability to contain operating expenses, attract customers and maintain a good reputation.

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