3 Strategies To Live Green Friendly

If you would like to get serious about your contributions to the planet, it's vital that you do what you can in your everyday life. There are a number of strategies you will want to use in order to make sure that you're leaving nothing on the table. Key in on the tips in this post so that you know you are doing your part to protect the environment. 

#1: Start with recycling your waste

The average home creates a lot of waste, so it's vital that you do what you can to lower the amount of waste that you leave in landfills. When you want to be certain you're not filling up landfills, recycling is the key. This service will cost you as little as $10 per month but will work wonders when it comes to reducing the tons of waste that ends up sitting and taking up space in landfills. Check with your municipality to see if they have a built-in recycling program. If they do not, it may be worth your time to contract with a third party business, like Weidle G F Sanitation, that can help you get rid of your recyclable waste. 

#2: Install solar paneling whenever possible

Whether you choose to make the switch to solar power now or later, it's clear that society is moving toward cleaner energy. The payoff is well worth it because solar power lets you get a nearly endless supply of electricity without being subject to government tariffs and other reasons for price hikes. Installing some solar panels on top of your house will cost you somewhere between about $15,000 and $30,000 depending on the size of the panels and the steepness of your roof. You will not only begin to make this money back quickly, you can take pride in your contribution to the environment. 

#3: Figure out how to reduce wasted water

The more that you look into areas of waste in your home, the more waste you'll find. Chances are great that you are also wasting water on a regular basis. You should make sure to never leave water running, and to install new taps or low flow devices to further save money and energy. Installing a tankless water heater also conserves loads of water. You can install one of these heaters for upwards of $2,000 in most cases. 

Focus on these strategies and you will be better able to live green friendly. 

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