Starting A Small Home Renovation Business? How To Keep The Job Sites Clean

If you are starting a business where you will be doing small renovation projects, one of the most important things that you have to manage is the waste. You want to be sure that you aren't leaving debris around the property while you are working on the project, because you don't want to seem messy, and also that you have cleaned everything up as you went along. You also don't want to be making your own mess by using the bathroom. Here are some construction recycling and waste disposal things to look into for your business.

Discount Pricing for Dumpsters

You know you need dumpsters at all of the sites, sizes may vary but there will still be a need. Talk with a local dumpster company to see if you can get the following:

  • Set rate for different sizes
  • Discounted rate
  • Priority availability

If you can save a little bit of money each time you have to rent a dumpster, it can help you keep your cost low and you don't have to charge the customer as much.

Portable Bathroom Rentals

You want to have your own portable bathroom on site so the workers aren't using the homeowners' facilities. Talk with the portable toilet service about these things:

  • Constant rental
  • Fees for moving the toilet from site to site
  • Frequency of cleaning an pumping
  • Discount rate for continued service

This is an item that you want to have, so you want to try to save as much money as you can when you will be renting one non-stop.

Carpet Cleaning Service Provider

You may have to eat the cost of carpet cleaning if you accidentally get dust, dirt, or any type of debris on the carpeting when you are working inside of the home. The customers will appreciate it. Talk with a local carpet cleaning professional to see what they charge, and if they will offer you a deal if you use them regularly for all of your carpet cleaning needs when jobs get dirty.

You want to make sure that you leaving the homes as clean as they were when you went in, or maybe even cleaner. All three of these things should be able to help you with keeping the clients happy during the construction project, and also after when they get to see what a great service you provided. This leads to referrals, great reviews, and the potential to grow your business and get more clients.

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