4 Steps For Effectively Cleaning Out Your Garage This Spring

If your garage doubles as a storage center or just a place where you dump all of the junk that you just don't want to deal with, cleaning your garage space can be a real task. When you clean out your garage space, make sure that you have a place to throw away all the junk in your garage. Set up a designated donation area in your garage and get your cleaning supplies ready.

1. Rent a Dumpster

If your garage is a big dumping ground, you are going to want to make sure that you rent a dumpster so you have somewhere to throw away all of that junk. If you have a lot of stuff in your garage, don't expect to fit in all in your trashcan. Having a dumpster will give you a place to put all the trash and junk in your garage. Having a dumpster can allow you to feel more free to throw away the junk in your garage when you have a place to put it.

2. Create a Donation Center

Not everything in your garage is going to be garbage, nor is it going to be stuff that you are going to want to keep. That is why you should set up a donation center as you go through your garage.

You are going to want to set up a little donation center with boxes for your donations. For example, one box may be for sports items, another for holiday decorations, and another for shoes.

Sorting and organizing your items as you put them in your donation center will make it easier for you to box them up and drive them to the donation center or prepare the items for the various organizations that you plan to donate them to. Many organizations will pick up donation items from your home.

3. Have Organization Supplies on Hand

As you go through your garage, you are going to find items that you want to keep. You are going to want to make sure that you organize everything that you want to keep. Pick up a supply of plastic containers to put your items into. If you don't have any shelving in your garage, you may also want to purchase and install some shelving to really keep things organized.

4. Get Your Cleaning Supplies Ready

Finally, you are going to want to make sure that you have some cleaning supplies ready. You may need to clean off your items and get rid of the dust on top of your belongings before you store things and before you donate them. You may also need to clean off the flooring and space inside of your garage.

You'll want to have a mop and bucket on hand, as well as some cleaning spray and paper towels to clean up the space.

When cleaning out your garage this spring, rent a dumpster, so you have somewhere to throw away everything you don't need. Set up a donation center with boxes for items that you can donate, and purchase some plastic containers to organize the items that you do want to keep. Make sure that you have some cleaning supplies on hand as well as lots of trash bags.

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