Decluttering Or Renovating? Tips For Renting A Dumpster

Whether you're decluttering your home or you are doing a home renovation, it's important to rent a dumpster for either of these projects. A dumpster can save you the great number of trips by yourself, along with a full truck-bed, going to the dump with your garbage, or filling up all of your garbage cans (and then some) for garbage day. If you have one of these projects to do, use the tips below to help you rent a dumpster.

Call For Prices

Call around to compare prices with other dumpster rental companies. Not all are the same price and some will be cheaper than others. You want the best price without any extra costs for dumping or for separating out recyclables. Call around for the best price and ask ahead of time about other costs that may be added on. 

Consider The Size

When renting a dumpster, there are different sizes that you can rent. Anywhere from a 10 yard dumpster to a 40 yard dumpster. If you don't have a lot to get rid of, a smaller dumpster may be all you need. If you're emptying out an entire house, removing shingles and sheeting from your roof, or emptying out a garage or basement, you may want to consider one of the larger dumpsters instead. It may not look like much, but when once you start, you may end up getting rid of garbage elsewhere in your home as well. You're better off getting a dumpster that is a little larger than what you need just in case.

Consider What You Are Removing

Consider what you're removing from your home and what you want to put into the dumpster. If it's anything hazardous, or non-recyclable, there may be an extra cost to you, or it may not be accepted at all. Be sure to talk to the rental company about what is and isn't accepted so you aren't charged anything extra later on. 

Consider Donating Your Items

When going through your belongings, consider donating items that may still be in good shape. If you have old furniture you simply don't want any longer, consider donating the items instead of tossing them in the dumpster. This saves you room in the dumpster and could potentially help someone else in the process. Other items that can be donated includes housewares, clothing and toys.

When cleaning out your home or renovating, consider renting a dumpster from companies like Tiger Sanitation LLC to help you get these jobs done around your home.

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